In preparation for the Japan tour 2020, Maciek Piątek aka VJ Pietrushka has created series of videos promoting Butoh Techno. Stunning visualisations combined with improvised and electronic music take this spectacle to another level by creating abstract scenery where the main character played by Mushimaru Fujieda performs his butoh dance. Not only that but there are fragments where real world morph into digital world. Here you can just taste VJ Pietrushka’s skills in mixing fragments of videos recorded during earlier spectacles into promo videos.

butoh techno video 1

butoh techno video 2

butoh techno video 3

butoh techno video 4

butoh techno video 5

butoh techno video 6

butoh techno video 7

More Maciek’s video experiments you can watch on his channel.

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