The experience of coming to Japan and performing together with Mushimaru and Ayako were beyond what we could imagine. Years ago when we met first time with Ayako in Wroclaw in Poland, to perform improvised concert, we hardly knew at that time where that path would lead us. Yet, year after year we were able to meet and perform next edition on Butoh Techno and many years later, after taking Butoh Techno to international stages we finally arrived at home of Butoh, Japan. We also felt that the spirit called up many years ago in the first concert in Wroclaw is now back home. All concerts were very intimate and of course different as you would expect from improvised performance, yet audience was left with experience of wow and that is the magic of that spectacle. The Butoh Techno 2020 officially ended with the last performance in the City of Oita. Some spectacles were recorded live and are available here:

urBANGUILD – KYOTO, JAPAN (13th February 2020)

AT HALL – OITA, JAPAN (15th February 2020)

Massive thank you to all who supported and joined on this journey. We do not know what the future will bring but we are looking at it with curiosity and open minds.

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