“We have invited musicians and dancers to participate in this project that links two cultural worlds. Butoh Techno is a real live created spectacle that combines improvisation and techno music, live processing videos and physical poetry. Both dancer and musicians are characters in this performance. The physical poet uses his body to tell a fable of man continuous journey through life while musicians take role of his opponents or allies by creating audio and visual tensions or ease.”

Shepherds of Cats

Butoh Techno is an international dance and audio visual project formed in 2017 out of a collaboration between Shepherds of Cats, Polish artist Filip Zawada and Japanese pianist and vocalist Aya Ogawa. The spectacle happens in multilayered abstract scenery filled with improvised music, live processed videos and butoh dance.

1st edition of Butoh Techno was performed in Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych, Wroclaw (Poland) in May 2017. Shepherds of Cats collaborated with Tukasa Kamidate (butoh), Aya Ogawa (vocalist/pianist), Filip Zawada (directing, music), Vj Pietrushka (live visuals), Mariae Smiarowska (voice, contemporary dance), Matylda Gerber (saxophone). The spectacle attracted enough interests to continue this project in following years with new collaborations. In May 2018, during 2nd edition Aya Ogawa invited japanese physical poet Mushimaru Fujieda to join the project. In May 2019, the artists went on tour to perform 3rd edition of Butoh Techno in Poland, Germany and UK.